Dr Graham Taylor

'Stuckness' and 'Stress' Consultant

I work with 3 types of client. Those who are:


Looking for an enlightened witness


Struggling to cope with a critical illness diagnosis



If you identify with any of these situations you have come to the right place
Perhaps I can help you?

About Graham

I am Graham Taylor and I am based in London, UK.

I have a Bachelors in Biochemistry (B.Sc Hons), graduate and postgraduate qualifications in Medicine (MBBS, MRCGP), qualifications in Hypnotherapy (MCAHyp), NLP (Practitioner) and Coaching (Mindfulness and Life), and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA, Henley Business School).

I have worked with major corporations in healthcare for almost 30 years prior to which I practised medicine in the NHS for roughly 10. Over that time I have coached and/or mentored hundreds of people in a performance or life coaching context. Many have gone on to achieve great things in their chosen worlds.

I came to learn how my own life experiences and numerous ups and downs, along with the traumas and challenges faced by patients and clients, can very rarely be dealt with by two-dimensional, often brief, often soulless interventions. Without caring for our emotional and spiritual needs our bodies almost inevitably suffer hugely eventually, and ambitions and dreams are thwarted along the way. However, with compassion, understanding, superb listening, reflection, guidance and empowerment, come confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and elimination of limitations. I resolved that I would offer such support to anyone with whom I came into contact professionally if they chose to work with me.

I consult in a safe, private and very comfortable environment in Primrose Hill, or sometimes at other similarly equipped locations. Sessions can also be conducted via Skype when more convenient

I do NOT practise medicine now. If you choose me to work with you it is very important that this must be on the strict understanding that I will not be providing general (or other) medical services at any time. I will ask you to sign a declaration acknowledging the fact. Your medical needs must at all times be met solely by your own medical and allied healthcare professionals please.

What I Do

I mainly work with people who are in one of three situations - those looking for an enlightened witness, those having difficulty coming to terms with a critical illness diagnosis, or those at a crossroads in their lives and who are totally committed to finding their way forward.

The Milicoco © Method

This is a marvellously integrative and experiential approach to 'stuckness' involving multiple modalities. It addresses needs of the mind, body and spirit inspiring life based on authenticity rather than ego.

The move from 'ego' to 'authenticity' is pivotal if someone is to overcome 'stuckness' and its associated 'stress'.


Enlightened Witness

If you have found me because you are looking for an 'Enlightened Witness' I do not need to explain what it is. If you would like to know what it is having found me, please search 'Alice Miller' and 'Enlightened witness'.


The Milicoco © Method

Milicoco is a unique approach to life mentoring drawing upon numerous modalities including mindfulness practice, oneness with nature, neuroscientific advances and classical performance coaching. It can effect major transformation in those who genuinely seek it. It is integrative, experiential and uniquely personal.



CRILL mentoring is for anyone finding it challenging to come to terms with a critical illness diagnosis. Fundamental to mastery of recovery is attitude, and CRILL mentoring aims to help bring balance through knowledge and contemplation.

What I Don't Do

I don't hypnotise people. I don't get them to enter altered states of consciousness through hypnotic induction. (I do however draw upon the philosophy of hypnotherapy and use hypnotherapeutic principles aligned with mindfulness techniques.)


Phone Conversation

  • Initial telephone conversation

Face to Face (Skype)

  • Initial 20-minute face to face consultation following telephone conversation

50 Minute Session

Fees Negotiable
  • Subsequent 50-minute sessions

Please contact me if you have extenuating circumstances and we can negotiate a rate.


07776 719141


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